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Lightening Fast WordPress Hosting for your Business Website

UK WordPress Hosting

Scotts Media Ltd offer low cost WordPress Hosting for business websites in the UK. I specialise in WordPress websites. My fast Cloud Hosting is therefore perfect for hosting any size and style of WordPress site. 

There’s so many companies hosting cheap website hosting, but generally this is shared hosting. Meaning that any one server could store hundreds or thousands of websites.

This can cause many issues in the long term, including slow website loading speeds, as the server’s resources are used up elsewhere.

I don’t offer shared hosting for this reason. My experience in website optimisation for SEO has led me to conclude that a website needs quality hosting, whatever the size and type of site.

Cheapest WordPress Hosting

My website hosting is one one of the cheapest WordPress hosting solutions in the UK. 

Starting at just £10 per month, it’s great value. And, you’ll never have to worry that increased traffic will require an upgrade or slow your website for visitors. 

Maintenance & Care Plans

Because of the unique way WordPress is designed, many of the themes and plugins will require regular updates. This could be due to added features, bug fixes, or just a regular security update. 

Alongside my WordPress hosting packages, I offer complete maintenance and care packages. I carry out weekly updates as required on your website, checking everything is working as it should be. 

Business WordPress Hosting

I work with businesses across the UK to provide fast and reliable website hosting for WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the biggest and most used Content Management System (CMS), powering over 40% of websites worldwide. The flexibility and customisation available from WordPress makes it extremely popular for websites from single page sites to large e-commerce sites.

Because WordPress is so adaptable, the hosting used needs to be able to power the biggest and most complex WordPress website. A website hosting server needs to be able to deal with huge websites and the capability to handle massive traffic loads when needed, day or night, 365 days a year.